Understanding Square Faces and Chubby Cheeks, Myths, Causes, and Botox Solutions

Square faces and chubby cheeks contribute to the unique beauty of many individuals, but for those seeking a more sculpted or contoured appearance might find bothered by their face shape.


Internal and External Factors of Chubby Cheeks or Square Face

  • Genetic
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Facial muscle development


Common Myth About Chubby Cheeks or Square Face

Myth: Chubby Cheeks Only Result from Excess Body Weight.
Fact: Chubby cheeks can be influenced by factors beyond body weight, such as genetics, facial structure, and the distribution of fat.

Myth: Square Faces Are Always Due to Bone Structure
Fact: While bone structure contributes to facial shape, factors like muscle development and fat distribution also play a significant role in the appearance of a square face.


Satisfication with the Vshape Treatment

V-Shape Treatment

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