Hair Loss

Understanding Hair Loss, Causes, Myths, and Treatments

Normal hair cycle varies among individual depending on age, genetic, nutrition, stress, environmental factors. Normal population shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. Hair thinning is only obvious when hair shedding is more than 100 a day or when hair shedding is more than hair grows.


Internal and External Factors
of Hair Loss

i) External : Medications (birth control pill, thyroid medication), Hair styling
ii) Internal : Genetic, Stress, Hormonal changes (pregnancy, post-delivery, menopause), Certain medical conditions (alopecia areata, scalp infections), Chemotherapy


Common Myth About Hair Loss

  • Myth: Wearing Hats Causes Hair loss
  • Fact: Wearing hats does not lead to hair loss. However, tight headwear may cause temporary hair breakage or traction alopecia if worn excessively.
  • Myth: Washing Hair Too Often Causes Hair Loss
  • Fact: Regular hair washing is a healthy practice. Over washing may strip the hair of natural oils, but it does not contribute to hair loss.
Satisfication with the Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

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