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About Dr. Ginny

Dr. Ginny Ooi obtained her double degree in medical Sciences and Medical Doctor in 2004, boasts over a decade of experience in Aesthetic Medicine. She specializes in pigmentary and acne treatments, procedures involving fillers, Botox, thread lift and hair grow treatment. As the founder and medical director of Dr. Ginny Clinic, she's dedicated to evidence-based aesthetic services, aiming for graceful aging. Dr. Ginny serves as a panel trainer for Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) since 2015 and have been invited as speaker in Dr Ko academy since 2021.

Actively engaging in international congresses, she stays updated on cutting-edge technologies. Her mission is to cultivate a professional, integrity and excellent aesthetic environment for customers, sharing her expertise generously.

Very Eager
Burning Desire


Can educate and share correct medical aesthetic techniques; instill correct ideas & medical ethics to new doctors


Train qualified medical aesthetic doctors to create a high integrity excellent and professional Malaysia aesthetic  culture.

Dr Ginny Personal Achievement

Regular trainer for aesthetic doctor in Dr. Ko Academy


2019 Became an international medical beauty lecturer, sharing medical beauty experience at IMACE, TED Vietnam, Became Key Opinion Leader of several laser companies


Founded Dr Ginny Clinic in Taipan Triangle, Selangor


To create an aesthetic industry with integrity, excellence & professionalism.

To enable people to undergo aesthetic procedure with peace of mind.

Dr Ginny Credentials

Our Milestone


Started in Alor Setar as Klinik Dr. Ooi (Mediskin)


First branch in Subang – Dr Ginny Clinic


Mediskin Hair Centre is established

Why Choose Us

Touch of Elegance

With “Touch of Elegance”, we strive to enhance your character naturally.

Highest Quality Treatment

We provide the highest quality and world renowned cosmetic treatments in a professional, effective way, at a relaxed and conducive environment.

Skilled Professionals

Our skilled and trained professionals ensure proper restoration of your youthful appearance.

Tailored Treatments

All treatments are tailored made by Dr Ginny Ooi to suite your needs and budget.

Free Follow Up

All treatment plan include a personalized follow up schedule at no cost to ensure your satisfaction.

Dr Ginny Picolo Laser Ambassador
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